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Is electromagnetism due to one thing: a photon which is somehow simultaneously a localized point particle and a non-localized wave? Or is it two different yet complimentary things: non-local fields guiding localized energy?

Scientist, inventor, and author, Hans G. Schantz draws upon a wealth of historical analysis, emerging discoveries, and his own original research to argue that electromagnetism requires a dualistic interpretation: that fields and energy are two different phenomena that follow different paths. This perspective resolves a host of outstanding puzzles and paradoxes including radiation reaction, wave-particle duality, and “vacuum” energy. The Correspondence Principle demands quantum mechanics must agree with classical electromagnetic results. These emerging results lead quantum mechanics toward the long-neglected pilot-wave interpretation and toward the physical reality of what Einstein called gespensterfeld or “ghost fields.”

This Substack serializes my forthcoming book, Fields & Energy: How Electromagnetism and Quantum Mechanics Work, and Where Physics Went Wrong. My goal is to publish a section a week. Some are relatively short introductory or summary statements. Others will be longer.

Check out the introductory post for more information.

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How Electromagnetism & Quantum Mechanics Work, And Where Physics Went Wrong


Scientist, Inventor, Engineer Author: The Wise of Heart, The Hidden Truth, and The Art & Science of Ultrawideband Antennas